1 to 10 shop abu dhabi ( Location and Working Hours )

Looking for the best place in Abu Dhabi to buy souvenirs? This article is what you need. If you are in Abu Dhabi, and you are wondering if you would be able to buy souvenirs at a reasonable price, we assure you that the right place exists. One To Ten shop in Abu Dhabi is what you are looking for.  In this article, we will tell you everything you might need to know about 1 to 10 shop Abu Dhabi and what to expect to find there.

1 to 10 shop Abu Dhabi

One To Ten Gifts shop is one of the most famous gift shops in Abu Dhabi, and it is known for the unbelievably attractive offers it provides for its customers. Believe it or not, everything in this shop costs approximately between 1 to 10 AED, a total bargain price that no one can resist.  This shop makes the best gift shop for travelers who want to buy souvenirs for their dear ones and at the same time do not want to pay over their budgets.

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One To Ten Gift Shop is located in Mina Port Area. It is located in a building close to Coop Supermarket. Once you find the shop, you can embark on the greatest shopping experience you can ever dream of, saving more money, buying more souvenirs.

Working Hours

1 To 10 Gift Shop is open daily from 9 AM to 12 AM. During these working hours, you can visit the shop to buy gifts at the best price.

What Can I Buy At One To Ten Gift Shop?

1 to 10 abu dhabi

At 1 To 10 Gift Shop, you can buy a variety of affordable products of different kinds, not only gifts. The shop has everything you can find at the supermarket, except that they don’t have any fresh food, but still with the same luring pricing strategy:  from 1 to 10 AED.


One to Ten Gift Shop has a wonderful collection of gifts to meet everyone’s taste. This shop is a treasure trove to every traveler where they can buy souvenirs for their dear ones. Since it is originally a gift shop, the first things you can find there are gifts. You can choose your gifts from mugs, crockery, clothes for women, men, and kids, and beach bags with beautiful local illustrations to remind you of the place.

Other Products

At One To Ten, you can find many other products besides gifts. You can find household products, cosmetics products like make-up, and body care products like hair conditioners and shampoos at a lower price that you cannot imagine. You can also find electronics, kitchen essentials, kitchen gadgets, and cleaning supplies.

You can also find edible products at One to Ten like cookies, chocolate, water, oils, and much more, all ranging in price between 1 to 10 AED.

Not only this, but One to Ten is the best place to buy colorful school supplies and backpacks at an exceptionally lower price. You can also get toys and games as well as hair clips for little girls. The choices are countless at One To Ten Gift Shop.


We have discussed in detail everything you might need to know about 1 to 10 shop in Abu Dhabi. If you want to know more about the products available there, you can check their website.

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