Al Ihsan Charity Online Registration 2023

Al Ihsan Charity Association aims to achieve the idea of social harmony among members of society by establishing precise goals, a thorough plan, and clear visions centered on assisting needy and underprivileged families throughout the state.

Today, you will get an overview of Al Ihsan Charity and some information about Al Ihsan Charity online registration.

Al Ihsan Charity online registration.

The required documents to submit a request for assistance application.

Certain documents must be submitted in order to file a request for help application.

such as:

  • Copies of passports
  • a residential visa and an Emirates ID for each member of the family
  • the lease agreement
  • bill for electricity
  • certificate of salary
  • and any additional documentation proving the head of the household’s financial responsibility
  • You follow this link to register for an Ihsan aid request or check on prior orders:

Please keep in mind that you may only apply for “registration of help” on the Association’s website. (The list of documents necessary can be found on the website.)

General Registration Terms and Conditions:

  • Registration is only open to Ajman and Ras Al Khaimah residents.
  • The applicant must have a valid ID.
  • Only after 11 months of financial support and 6 months of medical treatment can assistance be granted.
  • Only applicants who have successfully completed the Association’s registration requirements will be accepted.

Aid Request Online Registration Steps:

  • Visit the official Al Ihsan Charity Association website.
  • Navigate to the e-services tab.
  • simply click “Aid Registration”
  • Click the provided link once you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions..
  • To initiate a new request or to view one that has already been made, enter your Emirates ID.
  • You will then find a list of the necessary documents, fill it out, and submit your request. The list of required documents can then be found, filled out, and submitted along with your request.

Register as a Volunteer:

To join the volunteer team, go to the association offices and fill out the “Volunteer” form, or register online using the link below:

An Overview of Al Ihsan Charity

al ihsan charity
al ihsan charity

Vision and Mission

The charity’s vision is to be leaders in humanitarian and charitable work in the UAE, and its aim is to provide financial, in-kind, and health aid to low-income community members in order to qualify them to be effective and sustainable forces in society.

Location and Contact Information


Sheikh Maktoum Rashid Al Maktoum, Near Ajman Market – Ajman – United Arab Emirates.

Phone Number: +971 6 745 7451 – +971 6 740 1010

Toll free: 800 16

 P.O.Box: 5002 – Ajman

 Fax: +971 6 742 2733

 Email: [email protected]

Contact through Website:

Donation Techniques

The Al Ihsan Charity offers a variety of choices to make donations. Here is a list of the available methods.

  1. Direct Donation:

You can make direct online donations through the Al Ihsan Charity official website.

Click on this link to get to the service faster:

  1. SMS Donation:

You can choose the project for which you want to make a donation.

You can see the available projects and the code number by clicking on the following link:

  1. Bank Deposits:

.If you prefer to make your contributions by bank deposit, Al Ihsan Charity also offers this option.

This link will take you to the bank’s name, account number, and other information:

  1. Sites Representatives:

Donate to the association’s representatives at shopping centers using the provided vouchers.

Locations of all Site Representatives:

In this article, we have listed everything you need to know about Al Ihsan Charity. and how to do Al Ihsan Charity online registration.

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