Best debit card in UAE 2023

Debit cards are so widespread nowadays that almost no one uses cashless transactions. A reason why the debit card has taken over any money transaction is due to its endless benefits. Starting with interests. When using a debit card, you are not asked to pay any interest as the amount you spend via debit card is not borrowed. Therefore if you do not want to spend extra money, paying interest every month, you have to direct all your transactions to a debit card. In addition to this, a debit card is also called a “check card’ ‘ to convey its function as a plastic check. A debit card purchase removes the money from your checking account right away (if you select the debit option and enter your Personal Identification Number – PIN) or in a day or two (if you choose the “credit” option). Real-time payment holds you accountable to spend no more than you actually have. Not only this but also  The recent addition of chips to debit cards offers further protection. Some debit cards also offer security protection for online shopping so that only you can make purchases with your card.

The following are three Debit cards that offer great benefits for their customers, they are widely used in UAE. 

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Best debit card in UAE 2023

Mashreq Debit Cards

They offer three Dabet cards with great benefits the first being :

Platinum Debit card :

  • Cash withdrawals limit of 20000 AED Per day
  • allows you the freedom and convenience to purchase up to AED 99,999 per day.
  • Global acceptance
  • Free Supplementary Debit Card
  • Earn Salaam points.

Signature Debit card

  • Higher Daily Cash withdrawal Limit
  • Free Supplementary Debit Card
  • Complimentary Multi-Trip Travel Insurance
  • Free Lounge access

Infinite Debit card

  • Free Cash withdrawal at ATMs across the globe
  • Free Supplementary Debit Card
  • Complimentary Multi-Trip Travel Insurance
  • Free Lounge access

Islamic Debit Card :

  • Accepted at 26 million merchant outlets worldwide
  • Quick and easy utility bill payment at any FAB ATM
  • Transfer funds between your Islamic banking accounts
  • Free access to airport lounges (provided by Mastercard)
  • Order cheque books simply and conveniently at any FAB ATM
  • Make purchases at any retailer displaying the Mastercard/Cirrus logos
  • Enjoy added security when shopping online with a one-time password (OTP)
  • Cash withdrawals at any ATM displaying the UAE/GCC switch logos throughout the  GCC and at any ATM worldwide displaying the Mastercard/Cirrus logos
  • Deposit cash or cheques via cash deposit machines
  • Check your balance or request a mini-statement at any FAB ATM

Emirati Visa Signature Debit card :

  • Reasonable limits for both cash withdrawals at ATMs and for purchases at merchant outlets ( Daily Purchase Limit: AED 150,000, Daily Cash Withdrawal Limit: AED 50,000 )
  • Travel the world and enjoy the freedom of payment using your Debit Card. Your Visa Debit Card is accepted at over 1 million Visa ATMs and over 24 million merchant establishments across the world, including department stores, retail shops, travel agents, and cinemas.
  • Your Debit Card offers a wide range of contactless payment options. Simply tap and pay with your Debit Card or with selected mobile devices. Enjoy an easier and faster shopping experience. Payment options ( Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, Fitbit Pay, Garmin Pay, Visa Checkout, Contactless Cards )
  • Your Emirates NBD Debit Card comes with CHIP and PIN technology, whereby you will be required to enter a unique PIN known only to you in order to complete your transaction. This ensures added security for all your retail transactions.

These three debit cards mentioned above are widely used by Emirates due to their amazing features and endless benefits and great services. 

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