credit card in uae on 3000 salary 2023

A credit card is the most convenient payment method and has become an important tool for everyone. It is the various credit card offers and benefits provided by the banks in the UAE that is making them one of the preferred payment methods. However, before being able to purchase a credit card there are some criteria that gave to be fulfilled for some companies. One of the most relevant requirements is the minimum salary. Some providers in the UAE in specific do not offer credit cards to employed individuals if their salary is less than AED 5,000 in other words you will not be eligible to get a credit card in the UAE, however, there are some other methods that you can follow in order to be able to get a credit card with a minimum salary of 3000. There are also some banks that offer the possibility of owning a credit card with a minimum of 3000 AED. So what are those methods and which companies help with a 3000 AED salary?

Ways to Get a Credit Card with Minimum Salary 3000 in UAE :

First, you can get a personal loan, some banks offer personal banks like RAKBANK. That offers you a complimentary credit card with zero annual fees and low-interest rates. The existence of these features in the bank you deal with will allow you to have some extra money through a personal loan. In addition to this, if you have a fixed deposit with the bank you can apply for a credit card even with a minimum salary of AED 3,000. In this case, the deposit acts as a security deposit that is accessible to the bank in case you have not been able to pay your debts.

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What banks offer a credit card with an on 3000 Salary?

  • The National Bank of Fujairah (NBF): Works with a fixed deposit account. They also offer a 0% interest rate of instalment plans , Flexible repayment options and cash withdrawals facility
  • Islamic Current Account. Shari’a compliant Islamic Current Account with no profit payments. Available in two currencies: AED and USD; Minimum Relationship balance requirement of AED 3,000 (or equivalent) Free international ATM/Debit card.
  • Emirates NBD Standard Current Account: A 3000 AED minimum balance and 0% monthly fee. Can make international and domestic transfer funds instantly and free in addition to the international salary.
  •  Current account: A 3000 AED minimum balance and 0% monthly fee. ree ADIB Visa Debit Card
  • Abu Dhabi Bank ( NBAD): The amount of opening an account is 3000 AED and a monthly average of 3000 AED in addition to free cash/ cheque withdrawals and deposits.
  • Dubai Islamic Bank Personal Finance: DIB provides one of the lowest salary requirements of AED 3,000 and The profit rates range from 11% to 20%.
  • Mashreq Happiness Account: Joining bonus of AED 2000 is provided, 0% monthly fee and Free unlimited international transfers

Documents required for a salary account: The requirements for opening a salary account besides the minimum salary are simple :

  • Emirates ID
  • Passport
  • Residence Visa for expats
  • Salary proofs – Salary Transfer Letter/ Salary Certificate/ Pay Slips

And you are good to go….

Not so many credit card provider offers credit cards at a minimum salary of AED 3,000 or 2500 AED. However, there are some lateral methods that you can resort to and explore your credit card options and get the best of it. However, you are advised to wait for your salary to be AED 5,000 at least so that you can get a credit card directly and enjoy the true benefits of having one.

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