Credit Card In UAE On 4000 Salary

A credit card minimum salary of 4,000 AED. Sounds too good to be true, right? Most banks in the UAE require a minimum of 5000 AED monthly income to provide you with a credit card. 

But what if your current job only yields 4000 AED a month? Should you give up? Well, not really. We’ll show you what you can do to get a credit card with a minimum salary of 4000 AED.

UAE Credit Cards: An Overview

According to salary explorer, the average salary in the UAE hangs around 20,000 AED. However, the low side could go as low as 4000 AED.

Those who make 4000 AED a month may feel that all hope is lost, but it’s not.

It won’t be easy, and it might take some time, but it’s possible to have a credit card with an average monthly income of 4,000 AED. 

Applying for a credit card is easy. You’ll need to provide certain information and documents to be eligible for a credit card. The required documents may differ from bank to bank, but typically, you shouldn’t have any issues there.

The problem comes during the approval step, where your request might get rejected because of the low income. We’ll show you a few things you can do to fight that rejection.

  • Have a Good Credit History

Your credit history is how you handle due payments.

For example, if you’re known to delay payments and make excuses, your credit history will harm your chances of getting a credit card, even if your salary is above 4000 AED.

Re-organize your priorities and always pay any bills on time to keep your credit history in a good shape.

  • Clear Your Debts

Being in debt doesn’t necessarily mean owing someone money. It can mean that you’re paying back a loan to an agency. It can also mean that you’re still paying installments for a product you purchased. 

If you want to maximize your chances of getting a credit card with a 4,000 AED income, try to clear out everything you owe.

  • Try a Secure Credit Card

Some banks allow you to apply for a secure credit card instead of the regular one. You see, the idea behind a credit card is that you pay for something you don’t have money for and then pay the bank back later.

A secure credit card involves placing a deposit in the bank as extra assurance. That way, the bank can withdraw from that deposit if you’re late on a payment. 

  • Try Having a Co-signer

When your application gets rejected because your credit or income is too low, then the bank thinks you’re too risky to deal with.

When that happens, consider getting a co-signer. A co-signer is a person you know and trust who can use their high credit score to help you succeed in getting that credit card. 

That co-signer will provide the bank with their details and will agree to pick up the tab if you’re late or unable to pay.

That way, the bank will no longer deem you risky, and your application will have a better chance of being accepted. 

  • Find a Bank With credit card minimum salary 4000 AED

credit card minimum salary 4000 aed
credit card minimum salary 4000 aed

While most banks in the UAE require a minimum of 5,000 AED, t a few others might cut you some slack. Here are some of them:


RAKBANK offers a variety of credit card services. You may acquire a credit card with a minimum salary of 4,000 AED. 

2. Ajman Bank 

Most of the credit card applications in Ajman require a minimum of 5000 AED monthly income, but several applications of 4,000 AED were accepted. If you have a good credit score, you may give it a shot. 

3. Dubai Islamic Bank 

The Dubai Islamic Bank may allow you to get a credit card even if your monthly income is around 3,000 AED.

However, your credit score should be exceptionally good, and you shouldn’t owe money to anyone. 

4. Emirates Islamic Bank

Much like Ajman Bank, Emirates Islamic Bank gives out credit cards at 5,000 AED. However, applications of 4,000 AED have better chances of being accepted here than in most other banks in the UAE. 

Keep in mind that those four banks don’t always accept credit card applications if your salary is 4,000 AED. The terms and conditions may change, so it’s always a good idea to reach out to the bank before visiting. 

The Bottom Line

A credit card with a minimum salary of 4000 AED may be challenging, but it’s not impossible. 

Start by improving your credit score and clearing all your debts, then aim for banks like Dubai Islamic Bank and RAKBANK, who have better chances of accepting a credit card application for 4,000 AED a month. 

If your application still doesn’t get accepted, try having a co-signer with a good credit score, or apply for a secure credit card if the bank allows it.

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