Du monthly data package 25 AED and 40 AED

Some people prefer daily data packages, while others prefer monthly plans. The telecommunications company Du offers the ideal bundle deal at a low price. Today, we’ll go over the Du monthly data package 25 AED, and how to get the best deal.

Du monthly data package 25 AED and 40 AED

Du social data package monthly 25 AED

du social data package monthly 25 aed
du social data package monthly 25 aed

Customers may get unlimited chat data to use popular chat applications like WhatsApp and Viber for AED 25 for 30 days/ a month, as well as 35 flexi minutes to call national or international lines. With up to 192 Kbps for the first 150 MB and 64 Kbps beyond that.

This deal is available to all prepaid clients, with the exception of those on the Easy Social, Extra Social, or Tourist Plans.

Activation and Deactivation Codes

You can simply register for this offer by phoning *135*250# and following the instructions. Once the subscription is completed, you will get information SMS.

You will not need to use any deactivation codes because this is a one-time bundle. It will not be renewed until you activate it again.

Du social data package monthly 40 AED

For thirty days, you can use Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter, and WhatsApp. Apps like TikTok, Likee, and others, on the other hand, are not included in the package.

Activation and Deactivation Codes

To activate the monthly social du data plan, text “social” to 1355. Once your membership has been enabled, Du will send you a confirmation email.

By calling *135*7#, you can deactivate the package at any time.

Daily Du social data packages

The package is widely accessible on key social networking platforms such as Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Activation and Deactivation Codes

The daily Du social data pack costs only AED 2.5 per day, but you must enroll by dialing 135*55# and pressing the call button. Then input 1 to indicate that the daily social data package has been activated. After your social plan has been successfully enabled, Du will send you an SMS with more information.

Simply dial *135*7# OR *135*5# followed by either to unsubscribe from the du daily social package, whether it is daily or unlimited.

Press 2, to cancel your subscription to the current packages. Or press 1, Confirm your unsubscription from the Unlimited Social Data Bundle.

Cancel Your Social Packages Subscriptions.

You can cancel your daily or unlimited subscription by texting the word “stop” to the number 1335 to terminate social package services. After it’s finished, Du will send you a confirmation code for deactivation.

Send SMS includes STOP SOCIAL to 1355

Before activating the plan, make sure your Du sim card has enough credit. You must have a balance in your Du account to receive the package. If you don’t have enough balance, you’re more likely to make mistakes. There are no charges for turning off your social package.

In this article, we give a detailed information to the Du social packages including the Du monthly data package 25 AED, Du social data package monthly AED 40, and daily AED 2.5 packages. And we shared with you easy methods to subscribe through sending or dialing specific codes.

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