Dubai driving license renewal fees 2023

It is the time of the year when you need to renew your driving license. If it is your first time to renew, and you are wondering, what are the steps and fees to renew a driving license in Dubai, then in this article, you will find Dubai driving license renewal fees 2022 information and the renewal requirement.

Dubai driving license renewal fees 2023

According to the RTA website, you must pay the following fees for the renewal:

if you are a client under the age of 21, you must pay 100 AED for renewing a driver license plus 20 AED for Knowledge and Innovation expenses.

If you are 21 years old or older, you must pay 300 AED for a driver license renewal plus 20 AED for Knowledge and Innovation expenses.

Apply for Renewing a Driving Licence by visiting the link below

RTA-approved Eye Test Centers

Other costs include the cost of an eye exam. The cost of an eye test will be between 140 and 170 AED. However, not any eye center test in Dubai is eligible or accepted by RTA; only those authorized by RTA are qualified.

This is a list of RTA-approved eye test centers that may be located in various locations around Dubai.

  1. Dubai Optical
  2. Yateem Optician
  3. Malak Typing – Photocopying & Optical
  4. Emirates Driving Institute – Eye Test
  5. Salik Optical
  6. Barakat Optical
  7. Belhasa Driving Centre – Eye Test
  8. Al Jaber Optical
  9. Executive Optics
  10. Apple International Optical
  11. Leen Optics
  12. Grand Optics
  13. Rivoli EyeZone
  14. Magrabi Optical

Overstaying a renewal of a driver’s license fine

After the expiration date, you will be charged 10 dirhams every day.

A fee of 300 dirhams per year will be imposed if the license is not renewed after one year.

You should keep in mind that renewing your Dubai driver’s license necessitates the payment of all outstanding penalties and fines. You’ll also get a one-month grace period to renew your driver’s license.

Basic Requirements for Dubai Driving License renewal

  • Emirates ID Documents
  • Copy of a valid passport and visa
  • Original copy of your sponsor’s no-objection certificate Eye exam results
  • 2 photocopies of your passport photo

Methods To renew your driving license online.

Through RTA Smart App or Official Website.

You should take the following steps:

  • At one of the Eye Test Centers, you can get an electronic eye test.
  • From the Smart App, pick the Apply for Renewing a Driving License function.
  • scan the QR code or fills in the following information: The number on your driver’s license, the date it was issued, the year you were born, and the traffic code number are all important.
  • remit the fines, the required fees can be paid with a credit card.

while waiting for the original license, which can be delivered via two channels: receive a temporary driving license via email to print while waiting for the actual license, which can be delivered via two channels:

  • In Deira or Al Barsha, there are Customer Happiness Centers.
  • By courier, for an extra fee of AED 25.

This process will take 5 minutes from your home to be completed. If you prefer other ways to renew your driving license in Dubai. You should visit RTA Official Website- Apply for Renewing a Driving License. Many possible options are provided by the authority to make it easier for you.

As you can see, the whole renewal process might cost you between AED 350-650 and 5 minutes in general. In this article, I give you the full information about Dubai driving license renewal fees 2022.

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