Dubai Foundation For Women And Children

Foundations in the UAE strive to provide survivors of domestic violence, child abuse, and human trafficking with legal assistance, paralegal support, socioeconomic assistance, medical care, and psycho-social trauma care.

Today, we will talk about the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children, which offers defense and assistance to UAE victims of abuse, violence, and human trafficking.

Dubai Foundation for Women and Children


The Dubai Foundation for Women and Children is a non-profit shelter for women and children in the UAE who have been the victims of domestic abuse, child abuse, and human trafficking.

Strategic Objectives

  1. Help put an end to violence, abuse, and damage to women and children.
  2. In conformity with international laws and regulations, they offer first-rate services.
  3. Rehabilitation and successful reintegration of victims into society
  4. improve the foundation’s internal performance, efficacy, and efficiency.

Services Provided By The Dubai Foundation for Women and Children

  • Rehabilitation and Care

Domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, and other crimes against women and children are treated and rehabilitated through DFWAC.

Eligibility requirements:

  • women and children who are victims of violence or abuse of any kind.
  • Not immediately in danger of hurting yourself or others, and/or not in need of institutionalization for mental illness.
  • not suffering from a contagious illness.
  • not a male above the age of 12

By offering a range of services to assist victims who are women and children, boosting their self-confidence and that of the community they live in

The following are examples of these services:

  • Community Services

Conducting a case study entails getting in touch with significant family members in order to involve them in coming up with solutions that benefit the client’s situation and communicating with various departments, local departments, and external relevant parties as necessary.

  • Mental Health Services:

After completing a clinical remittance form, DFWAC transfers a client to the psychiatric department if the case manager notices any unsettling psychological symptoms. The client then receives psychological services such as individual therapy sessions, group therapy, family therapy, and play therapy in addition to attending psychological support groups.

  • Community Awareness and Programs:

Through numerous awareness programs like campaigns, symposiums, and lectures, educational initiatives in schools and universities, lectures, and workshops, as well as media awareness through audio, visual, and print media, the Foundation strives to prevent domestic violence, child abuse, and human trafficking for a community free of violence.

a few examples of their campaigns.

  • Publications
  • children’s books
  • Child Abuse Brochures
  • Domestic Violence Brochure
  • radio clips, and media awareness.

Throughout the day, the Noor Dubai Audio Channel plays various awareness radio snippets.

  • Legal Services:

DFWAC employs a permanent legal advisor to assist clients, offer legal consultations, counsel them on the best ways to interact with UAE legal entities, and inform them of their legal rights and the proper ways to proceed with all legal procedures, including opening a case file and other procedures.

  • Health Services:

In collaboration with the Dubai Health Authority, DFWAC offers all sheltered customers free medical care.

  1. Services for sheltering:

In addition to cases that face immediate danger that could jeopardize their safety, DFWAC offers sheltering services for urgent cases that are transferred from the government authorities in the UAE.

Dubai Foundation for Women and Children’s Location and Contact Information

Address: P.O. Box 97727, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Phone Number: 04-6060300

Fax: 04-2871177

Helpline: 800111

SMS: 5111

E-mail: [email protected]


Make A Donation:

In order to support its efforts to advance fundamental human rights, the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children offers a variety of services to victims of domestic violence, child abuse, and human trafficking.

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