Dubai Trade Contact Number And Customer Care

Dubai Trade’s commitment to providing innovative solutions as well as service quality to our customers distinguishes us and distinguishes us as true logistics campaigners.

Are you looking for a Dubai trade contact number and Dubai trade customer care? In this article, you will find more about Dubai Trade and its training services.

Dubai Trade contact number.

You can reach Dubai Trade through their number: +971 600 55 55 54.

Dubai Trade customer care.

dubai trade customer care

You can contact Dubai Trade by email at [email protected]  if you have any comments or questions.

Dubai Trade Office Address.

Floor 26, Tower A, JAFZA ONE Building, Gate #5, Jebel Ali Port & Free Zone

P.O.Box: 18666

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

FAQ of Dubai Trade

How do I manage my contact information in Dubai Trade?

  1. If you are unable to submit a business code renewal request because your contact information has not been updated and confirmed, please proceed as follows:
  2. Visit
  3. Select Dubai Customs > Registration Tools > Service Center. Manage Contact Information.
  4. Enter your authorized person’s username and password to log in.
  5. Edit and update the following data:
  6. Business Contact Information Email address – an OTP will be issued to this address for verification.
  7. business user (as “Authorized Person”). Email address and mobile number – For verification, an OTP will be provided by email and SMS.
  8. After that, you can proceed with the Business Code Renewal process.

How do you receive a trade from Dubai?

Steps to Take:

  1. Log in to with your username and password.
  2. Select Delivery Order.
  3. Delivery Order Request
  4. Enter the shipping agent’s name (Mandatory)
  5. Enter the Bill of Lading OR Invoice Number and press the Search button.
  6. To request DO, click here.
  7. Fill in the Requesting Party Details, BL Party Details, and DO Party Details if applicable.
  8. Upload any necessary paperwork.
  9. Choose Invoice (s), Click here to download the invoice.
  10. Choose a payment method (credit/ePayment/Direct Deposit), accept the terms and conditions, and then hit the submit button.

What distinguishes Dubai Trade?

  • Round-the-Clock Service

Get access to over 700 E-services from key trade-related companies around the clock, providing a smooth user journey.

  • Advanced Processes and Innovation

implementing innovative technology and constant development in business procedures to maintain and strengthen Dubai’s position as the region’s top commerce hub.

  • Transactions without paper

A paperless method of conducting business and making payments. Save time by using simple online methods.

Dubai Trade e-Learning Courses & Training

  • Logistics 101


The course will take no more than two hours to complete. (Access is valid for 30 days from the date of enrollment.)


After finishing the course, you can download the certificate.

What you will discover

  1. This lesson introduces logistics, its history, and the major participants in the logistics system.
  2. This module provides an overview of the major supply chain linkages.
  3. This lesson provides an overview of the various warehouse processes.
  4. This module describes the fundamental operations of receiving an inbound check.

Course Link:


The course will take no more than two hours to complete. (Access is valid for 30 days from the date of enrollment.)


After finishing the course, you can download the certificate.

What Will You Learn?

  1. What is the definition of Cold Chain Management?
  2. What are the Cold Chain Management components and processes?
  3. Why is cold chain hygiene important?
  4. How does technology improve our ability to control temperature?
  5. What is cold chain infrastructure, and how is it currently functioning in India?
  6. Which cold chain packaging option should you use depending on your product?
  7. What modes of mobility are available in cold chains?
  8. What effect does Post-harvest Management have on cold chain efficiency?
  9. What are the temperature ranges for cold chains governed by standards?
  10. What are the most important certifications you can get to advance your career in cold chain management?
  11. What are the key trends to watch in the Indian cold chain industry?

Course Link:

This is all you need to know about Dubai trade contact number and Dubai trade customer care and the answers for the most frequently asked question about Dubai Trade. As well as some information about Dubai Trade e-learning Courses.

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