Dubai Visit Visa Extension Fee 2023

Many travelers to Dubai find that they need to extend their visit visas for different reasons. Some get fascinated by the beauty of the city. Others might be obliged to extend their visit because of not accomplishing what they have been there for. No matter what your reason for requesting an extension is, this article will be of great help to you. In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about Dubai visit visa extension fees to help you know more about the process.

Dubai Visit Visa Extension Cost

dubai visa extension cost
Dubai visa extension cost

Travelers to Dubai are now offered facilitated visa extension services. If you are in Dubai with a visit visa, you can extend it easily online or by visiting the immigration office, taking into consideration that the extension can be requested twice, 30 days each time with a total of 60 days. This can be done for a small fee that we will explain to you in the section below.

First & Second Visa Extension Cost

According to the UAE official portal, a visit visa holder can request a 30 visit visa day extension for a cost of 600 AED. You can pay this amount online or at the immigration office. You can also request an extension through the travel agent that applied for your original visa. Similarly, you can request another 30 days extension for the same amount of money, 600 AED, before the end of your first extension period. To your information, this cost grants you a 60 days visa extension with no need to leave the country, especially since the airport to airport visit visa extension option is temporarily suspended.

Extension Cost Need To Exit The Country
First 30-day Extension 600 AED Not required
SecondĀ  30-day Extension 600 AED Not required

How Long Is The Grace Period For Visit Visa Extension?

Visit visa holders are offered a 10-day grace period during which overstaying fines are not applicable. You are required to request an extension of your visa during this period; otherwise, you will have to pay a fine of 200 AED for the first day of overstay, 100 AED for each consecutive day, in addition to 100 AED service fees. To avoid being fined, it is recommended that you request an extension of your visa before the end of your first visa extension period. It is also recommended that you check your visa status to know more about your visa expiry date, when to extend it and how. The section below will help you understand more about how to check your visa status online.

How to Check Your Dubai Visit Visa Status

Checking your Dubai Visit visa status is important in order for you to be reminded of your visa expiry date and to know more about visa extension services. Besides the visa expiry date marked in your passport, you can check your visa status through the GDRFA Dubai mobile application or through the GDRFA website to track your visa status, expiry date, and extension requests status in case you made any.


We have provided a detailed guide for Dubai visit visa extension for travelers who wish to prolong their visit to Dubai. If you want to know more information about the extension process and fees, you can visit The Official Portal of the UAE Government.

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