E-signature card UAE number

An e-signature card UAE is an identification card with an electronic chip that stores all of the cardholder’s important data and fingerprint. It was introduced in the UAE for providing clients with a seamless and extraordinary experience via the use of quick and efficient current and new technology.

Today, we will talk about how to obtain an e-signature card number and what are the requirements needed.

Requirements to issuing e-signature card UAE

Documents required are :

  • A copy of a valid passport
  • a photograph of the authorized signatory are required.
  • Dh200 (shall be paid at the Tas’heel Center)

How to Get an e-signature card number

First of all, the consumer must submit an e-signature card application at a service center (TASHEEL) or an institution that participates in the e-forms program in order for an E signature card to be issued in the UAE. This application must be submitted online to the Ministry in order for the card to be issued and mailed to the customer.

What will be the consequence of the procedure? To learn more, follow me.

  1. Applications for e-signature cards must be printed at service centers (TAS’HEEL) or companies participating in the Ministry’s e-forms program.
  2. The application will be electronically transferred through the Ministry of Labour to be checked and verified by e-forms program offices or TAS’HEEL.

There will be two scenarios to consider:

Incomplete paperwork: In the event that any documents are missing, you will be asked to collect the application and complete the missing documents.

Complete documents: the e-signature card will be mailed to the client, together with a form of approval for the norms and conditions of electronic use, assuming you sign in front of the Ministry’s officer-in-charge while activating the card in the second phase.

If you do not have a personal number at the Ministry, you must submit an application for the opening of a UAE national or expatriate file, and you must follow the processes in this respect to receive a personal number.

Where should you apply (Location and contact information)

E-signature card UAE number
E-signature card UAE number

Contact Number:

TAH’SEEL can be reached

  • at +971 44219590
  • or +971 44218986.

Opening Hours

The TAH’SEEL centers are open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. From Saturdays to Thursdays


Business Bay, Bay Avenue Mall, Entrance D Tasheel – Boulevard Center, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

If you have any recommendations, requests, or questions, you can send them an email using their Tahseel portal.

Where is the e-signature card usedIn the UAE?

On the MOHRE’s current numerous service delivery channels, the card is used for e-signature and transaction completion in the MOHRE app, service centers, and Tawseel cars.

Terms and conditions:

  • At all labor offices in the country, the applicant must have a single personal number for all of his establishments.
  • Only authorized personnel should be allowed to execute transactions on the MOHRE’s electronic and smart systems to protect them.
  • The cardholder receives a monthly statement of account outlining all of his transactions.
  • The card contains the biometrics of the individual in question, allowing his identity to be validated using his unique traits such as fingerprints and other biometrics. Only authorized people at the registered establishments are able to perform transactions on the MOHRE’s systems as a result of this.

An e-signature card UAE assists you in ensuring the administration, confidentiality, and security of your data. The steps to get your e-signature card number are all explained in this article. With the hope that this information helps and makes it clear for you.

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