How to check car accident history in UAE 2023

How to check car accident history in UAE? If you want to buy a car in the UAE, evaluating the accident history and acquiring certificates are essential steps. You can avoid potential problems in the future by following one of these simple methods to car history check UAE. Including visiting Emirates Vehicle Website, Road and Transport Authority, Abu Dhabi police, or Ministry of Interior.

How to check car accident history in UAE

Emirates Vehicle Gate (EVG)

By visiting the Emirates Vehicle Gate website, you may check the history of car accidents in the UAE and inquire about vehicle certificates.

To gain access to the account, simply enter your login credentials. The website offers an accident inquiry option where you can enter the vehicle chassis number and the accident history of the vehicle will be displayed on your screen. Each accident history report kept in this shared database will include particular information about the type of accident and where it occurred.

For vehicle certificate inquiry, you can find the vehicle certificate inquiry tab on Emirates Vehicle Gate’s home page.

Roads and Transport Authority (RTA)

The Technical Vehicle Status Certificate is an exclusive service provided by the RTA. The Roads and Transportation Authority (RTA) keeps thorough data, including the vehicle’s present condition, insurance history and validity, owner history, vehicle condition at the time of inspection, and other relevant information.

This service is only available with the permission of the car’s current owner. You can verify the car’s details on the RTA website by entering the chassis number once you’ve received permission.

Abu Dhabi Police website

The Abu Dhabi Police Department’s website offers facilities for checking the history of car accidents in the United Arab Emirates. You must select the public services option from the drop-down menu on the official portal. From the menu, select the ‘vehicle accidents enquiry’ option. You can look up a vehicle’s accident history by entering its chassis number. On the Online platform, you can also look up information about the car certificate.

Ministry of Interior (MOI)

car history check uae
car history check UAE

Under the ‘Traffic Accident’ menu, you’ll find the ‘vehicle accident’ history choice, and under the ‘public services’ menu, you’ll discover the ‘vehicle certificate’ inquiry option. The Ministry of Interior website is another place to look up car accident records in the UAE. On the MOI website, you can look up all important information about the car accident history.

When you enter the vehicle’s chassis number, the MOI portal obtains and displays all relevant information about the reported accidents. The report contains information such as the number of accidents, the report number, and the location. This portal can also be used to check various other facts such as the status of a vehicle’s registration, traffic law violations, and number reservations. The tool also offers a vehicle certificate service.

Private Sources

Besides of official sources, numerous private companies in the UAE provide similar services that can assist you when purchasing an imported vehicle and need to know about its accident history. CarReport and CarFax are two significant private organizations that provide similar services and have vast databases.


CarReport delivers trustworthy and useful information to assist you in making the best decision possible when purchasing your next vehicle. Aside from local vehicles, the website also provides information about imported vehicles. They compile data from a variety of local and international sources. The car history record that is provided is quite detailed and easy to understand. By entering the vehicle identification number, you can get the report.


Each a car has VIN. The VIN can be used to generate a quick history report from the company’s database. The data provided is critical and can influence your purchase decision. A CARFAX report may include details such as an accident, the severity of the accident, the owners, and emission data, among other things. CARFAX information is trusted by not just consumers, but also businesses and service providers to help them make informed decisions.

Car history check UAE is provided by several methods and online platforms. In this article, we talked in detail about How to check car accident history in UAE through governmental or private online platforms and the requirements needed to complete the procedures.

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