How To Check Dubai Police Fine 2023

How to check Dubai police fines? In Dubai, there are several options for checking police fines, including online sites and service centers. These services allow citizens and Dubai residents to find out about and pay traffic penalties associated with their vehicle or driver’s license.

Let us learn more about the methods and ways of Dubai police traffic fine check.

How to check Dubai police fines online 2023

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is Dubai’s primary transportation authority. It guarantees that the transportation system is built and operated.

  • Check fines through the Dubai Police Website.

dubai police traffic fine check

You can look up any outstanding traffic fines or black points on the Dubai police website. Violation reports are also sent to individuals’ personal email addresses. You can not only check fines in Dubai on the website, but you can also pay them via an e-payment channel.

  • Visit the Dubai Police website or download the app.
  • Select ‘Traffic Fine then Access Fine’ from the ‘Services’ tab.
  • Enter the fine information using the license number, plate information, traffic file number, and fine number.
  • After you’ve filled out the form, you can pay with a credit or debit card.
  • The fine inquiry is free of charge.

Payment of fines through Dubai Police is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. When looking up a driving license number (a card registered in Dubai), only fines associated with that number will appear.
  2. When looking up a plate number, only fines associated with that number will appear.
  3. Fines registered on the traffic file number / or license number (if available) will only appear when asked with the traffic file number (vehicles registered in Dubai).
  4. The number of black points on the traffic file and the number of vehicles wanted for impoundment, as well as the impoundment data, are displayed.
  5. Only local proxies are used to receive online payments from UAE and GCC nations.
  6. For online payments, credit and debit cards issued outside the UAE and GCC nations are not accepted.
  • Check fines through the RTA website or App.

You must go to the RTA website to check for Dubai police fines on your registered vehicle. You can learn more about the fine by going to:

  1. Plate Specifications
  2. Number of Permits
  3. Fine number
  4. The Number of the Traffic File
  5. After you’ve filled in the above information, hit the search button.
  6. If there are any fines against your vehicle, you will receive confirmation within seconds.
  7. You can also pay the fine through the website.
  8. On the RTA app, the same procedure is offered.
  9. It is free to inquire about fines.
  • Check fines through the Ministry of Interior (moi)

You can pay your traffic fines using the Ministry of Interior’s service.

  • Visit the MOI website through the link below or download the MOI app.

  • Select a service from the drop-down menu > traffic and license.
  • Fill out the application information.
  • You can make an electronic payment in the case of a fee.
  • The reports are received electronically or through delivery companies.

How to Dubai police traffic fine check through a Kiosk?

Several kiosks can be found around the UAE. Here are the procedures for using a self-service kiosk to check traffic fines.

  • Take your ID and head to the nearest kiosk station.
  • Go to ‘E-service’ and then choose ‘Fine Inquiry.’
  • Enter information about your vehicle, such as its license and fine number.
  • Pay any overdue traffic fines.

This is all about how to check Dubai police fines. You can check your fines and make payments through a variety of methods. To avoid overdue fines, check your account on a regular basis. It’s critical to learn how to do Dubai police traffic fine checks once you’ve obtained your driver’s license.

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