how to deposit money in liv card 2023

You’ve opened a Liv account and are wondering how to make a deposit. Don’t be concerned. Liv offers a number of convenient ways to add money to your account. You can select the one that best suits your needs. You can deposit money by transferring funds from a bank or using your credit card, and if you want to deposit cash, Liv will gladly assist you.

how to deposit money in liv card 2023

There are two online methods provided by Liv application which are: filling the balance via (bank transfer) or (credit cards)

Method 1: Bank Transfer

You can transfer money from any bank account to your Liv account by sharing your account number or your IBAN number provided in Liv application.

Not only from your personal accounts but also you can ask your friends or family to send you money from their accounts to your Liv account. The great news is that if they use their Liv accounts to transfer the money, neither of you will pay any fee.

After the transfer process, it will take a maximum two working days for the transfer to arrive to your account. If you face a delay after 2 working days or run into an issue while topping up, chat with Liv support in the app for help.

Method 2: via Credit Cards

Deposit money through your credit card is the easiest method for two reasons; 1- it won’t take much time. 2- The money will be sent to you straight away. Besides, of course, you will not pay any fee for the transfer.

All you have to do it to download the application and follow these simple steps.

  1. The first thing you have to do is to log in to Liv app.
  2. You can see at the bottom the icon Wallet, click on it.
  3. There will be two options, choose credit card.
  4. You will have 2 options, whether you scan your Visa or Credit Card, or enter its information manually.
  5. Select the amount to be deposited to your account in the Liv app.
  6. After that, press Continue and you will be transferred to the purchase page of your card bank
  7. You will receive the purchase code from your card bank via a message on your mobile number, enter the code and complete the process.
  8. You will return to the Liv application and you will find the balance added to your account in the Liv application.

Cash Deposition through Emirates NBD Cash Deposit Machines.

Now, if you want to deposit cash to your card and you are near to one of Emirates NBD cash deposit machines. Then you should know that cash deposition is also available for your liv credit card. You can easily deposit cash through any of the Emirates NBD Cash Deposit Machines.

Here, I tried to write my experience to deposit cash to Emirates NBD CDMs in a clear and simple way.

  1. First, start by pressing on for deposit
  2. Choose your preferred language
  3. You should know that you can deposit cash into Account\ Loan\ Card
  4. Choose account cash deposit
  5. Select the bank you want to deposit to
  6. You will now have to options. If you want to use your card select ‘insert card to the machine’ or select ‘enter the card number manually’ if you want to deposit to another account without using a card.
  7. Now if you select option 1 then select the account you want to make a deposition to. If you chose the option 2 enter the account number manually then press on ‘confirm’
  8. Then the machine will ask for ‘Confirmation’, so confirm the name and press on ‘next’.
  9. There will appear a guideline read it then you will be promoted to insert cash into the slot.
  10. After deposition, view your deposit summary and click on ‘proceed’.
  11. Your transaction is now complete, so now select “print receipt” and collect you receipt.

You can deposit money to your Liv account using any of the methods listed above. By following those basic guidelines, you can quickly top up your Liv account whether at your home or at Emirates NBD CDMs.

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