How to Get Esaad card and offers 2023

The Esaad Card offers entitled users the access to exclusive discounts, deals, and promotions at a variety of locations in the UAE. This card is a loyalty program for government personnel who work for the General Directorate of Dubai Police. If you’re an employee and wondering how to get Esaad card, read on. This article will assist you in navigating your way around.

How to get Esaad card 2023

If you are eligible for an Esaad Card, you can register on the official Esaad website by filling out all of the needed information and facts. Personal information such as your name, contact information, and Emirates ID will be included.

To get an Esaad Card, you need to:

  • Have a valid Emirates ID number.
  • You must be a government employee or a contractor. The following are the employee’s first-degree relatives who can be an Esaad card holders. Whether it’s the husband or the wife, or the children, the father or mother.

if you already have an Esaad account username, you can visit their official website Esaad.DubaiPolice. You can see at the bottom of the screen, click the icon that says “Do you have a user account name?” To log in to the Dubai Police Esaad Card, fill out the required fields.

Esaad Card App Benefits and offers

Esaad cardholders can access a comprehensive list of Esaad offers and savings by visiting the Esaad website or downloading the Esaad App available on Google Play and App Store. Customers can save up to 70% on a variety of items across a wide range of industries that includes lifestyle, healthcare, fashion, beauty, tourist, and other companies.

  • Download the Esaad Card application for Android devices from Here
  • Download the Esaad Card application for Apple devices from Here

A-List of some of the Esaad Card Offers and Deals 

esaad card offers
esaad card offers
  • Traveling and Accomodation provides:

Fly to Dubai and get a 25% savings.

Flynas is offering a 20% discount.

Etihad Airways offers a 15-20% discount.

The Mandarin Oriental Jumeirah is offering a 20% discount.

25% off at the Avani Palm View Dubai Hotel and Suites

Air France offers an 18% discount.

  • Cafes and Restaurants Discounts:

50 percent off at Al Faris Floating Restaurant

40 percent off at the Grand Umm Hassan Restaurant

Al Meshwar Restaurant is offering a 20% discount.

Discount of 20% at Asuman The Chocolate Shop

Black Tap is offering a 25% discount.

30 percent off at the Radisson Blu Hotel’s Fish Market

a 20% discount at Huqqa Restaurant and Coffee Shop

Il Caffe Di Roma is offering a 20% discount.

  • Fashion and Beauty Offers:

Gulf Optic offers a savings of 35-55 percent.

76 percent off at Joder House of Diamonds

Citizen Watches are on sale for 50% off.

Mahalatti Jewellery is offering a 75% discount.

Perfumes from Albait Al Khaleeji are 25% off.

The card offers discounts on a variety of brands in the UAE and in overseas places. For more information, users could see the Esaad website’s discount list.

The Esaad Card is a discount card that may be used at a variety of stores. This card attempts to boost employee satisfaction and improving quality of life. So, if you’re looking for how to get Esaad card or whether you’re qualified for one, you’ve come to the right place. This article has provided you with all of the information you require to obtain and benefit from the Esaad card offers.

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