How to pay parking in Dubai by SMS 2023

How to pay parking in Dubai by SMS? The Dubai Road and Transport Authority has launched Park & Pay services, a new parking payment system. It would allow drivers to pay for their digital parking ticket by sending a Dubai paid parking SMS in a pre-defined template using their Etisalat and Du mobile phones. Today, we will see the new introduced method used to digital pay parking in Dubai:

How to pay parking in Dubai by SMS

Pay with RTA’s mParking (SMS)

dubai paid parking sms
dubai paid parking sms

The RTA’s mParking service allows you to pay your parking cost with your phone and obtain a virtual permit through SMS. People having Du or Etisalat Sim cards can utilize this service. An SMS can be sent in one of two formats, it depends if you are registered to the service or not.

Pay as registered user:

the user must first register their parked car with the car plate number, and then fill out all of the required information, including the parking zone, parking time, and parking duration.

You can register your vehicle through RTA smart app, and then follow the format as below:

Send a SMS message in the following format:

< Nickname><space> <Zone No.><space><Duration> to the number 7275


Joe 213A 0.5

Pay as a non-registered user:

If your vehicle is not registered, you still can benefit from this method. You can follow a different format though.

< Plate No.> <space> <Zone No.><space><Duration> to the number 7275


A00000 123A 2

By just following this simple method, there will be no need to walk to the parking office and pay your ticket. Once you send the text, you will receive a confirmation message with information on your virtual ticket.

If you register your vehicle to this service, you will receive the following benefits:

A reminder message will be sent 10 minutes before the ticket expires.

Simply send a text message to 7275 with the word “Y” to extend the time for another parking hour.

However, please read the terms and conditions of the service and ensure that you agree to them before doing these procedures.

– In the United Arab Emirates, the mParking service is now offered to Etisalat and Du subscribers only.

– The mParking service user must ensure that their mobile phone account has adequate funds to cover the parking and service charge fees.

– The user of the mParking service must follow the user guide’s instructions and ensure that messages are transmitted in the format provided in the user guide.

– In the event that a message is transmitted in the incorrect format, service costs will be applied. In such instances, RTA will bear no responsibility or repercussions.

– In addition to the parking fees, the telecom operator will levy a service charge of thirty (30) fils.

– In the case of a time extension, the mParking system will compute the second tariff step and bill the user appropriately. The steps of the parking charge are depicted on the parking machine.

– Only the requested zone is covered by the virtual permit.

– All RTA terms and conditions must be followed by the service.

– In the event that service costs were deducted but the service was not supplied due to a mobile operator system malfunction or an emergency outage, RTA will not be held liable.

– Call the toll-free number 8009090 with any questions or complaints.

Paying Parking Fine Through RTA’s Official Website:

If you fail to pay for parking, you will be subjected to a parking fee. The RTA’s official website allows you to pay your parking fine online:

  • All fines associated with your registered vehicle or license number will be displayed on the website.
  • You have the option of paying only some of the fines or all of them.
  • Continue by pressing the enter key. Enter your traffic file number as well as a confirmation of your birth year.
  • On your vehicle license card, the traffic file number is listed under ‘T.C number.’
  • Choose a payment method. Then, input the information for your GCC debit or credit card, which must be active and valid.
  • The payment confirmation will appear after the transaction has been finished.

Remember to write down the payment request reference number as confirmation of the transaction’s success.

In this article, we gave the answer for how to pay parking in Dubai by SMS? We introduced the new service, Dubai paid parking SMS, that would allow drivers to pay for their digital parking ticket by sending an SMS in a pre-defined format using their Etisalat and Du mobile phones.

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