Overstay fine in UAE for cancelled visa 2023

How to check overstay fine in UAE for cancelled visa? After your visit visa in the UAE expires, you have a 10-day grace period to exit the country. After that, your visa will be cancelled, and you will be subject to the following penalties. So, here is everything about cancelled visa overstay fine.

Cancelled visit visa overstay fine

cancelled visa overstay fine
cancelled visa overstay fine

If you have a visit visa or a tourist visa and you prolong your stay in the UAE after the visa has been cancelled, you will be subject to the fines listed below.

For the first day of overstaying, you will be fined AED 200.

You will be fined AED 100 for each day you do not leave the country.

You’ll also have to pay around AED 100 in service costs.

Cancelled residence visa overstay fine

For the first day, you stay in the country after your visa cancellation, you will be fined AED 125.

For each additional day you do not leave, you will be fined AED 25.

After six months of overstaying, you will be fined AED 50 per day.

After a year of overstaying, you will be fined AED 100 each day.

Steps to check your overstayed fine

Visit the ICA Smart Service website to learn more.

Select the choice for Public Services from the drop-down menu.

Select the window ‘Fines – Pay Fines – Violations of Entry Permissions or Residences – Pay New Fine’.

You must then press on the ‘Start Service’ option in the window.

Fill out the procedure pop up in front of you to finish:

  • Request Information
  • Review Application
  • Application fees

After that, you’ll be able to check how many days you’ve overstayed and how much you’ve been fined.

Paying Overstay Fines Online:

By selecting your relationship with a sponsor from the drop-down box, you can pay your overstay fees online. You’ll be asked to provide your cellphone number for the OTP, provide your bank (card) details, then submit a request after clicking next.

Frequently Asked Question After Visa cancellation in UAE

Is my Emirates ID still valid after my visa has been cancelled?

When your residence visa is revoked, your Emirates ID is also revoked in the system because it is tied to your residence visa. The only thing that will stay valid once your resident visa has been cancelled is your driver’s license, which will be valid until it expires.

When my resident visa is revoked, would my bank account be canceled?

When a bank learns that someone has received their final payment or that their visa has been revoked, the bank’s default response is to freeze the accounts. If a person has no obligations, the account should be unfrozen immediately, but if the bank is aware that there will be no income to support further borrowing, the bank may place a hold on further usage of a credit card.

Is it possible to extend my visa or stay in the UAE longer?

If your residence visa has been revoked and you are still looking for work or need to do some errands, you can simply file for a tourist visa status change while you are still in the country and wait for your new visa at home.

Is it possible to return to the UAE after the cancellation?

You are free to enter on a visit or tourist visa as long as you do not have any bans or bounced checks.

Follow the procedures below to see if you’ve been placed on a travel ban or not. Visit the Dubai Police Department’s website, click on the ‘Services’ tab, then select the ‘Criminal Status of Financial Status’ tab and follow the on-screen instructions.

In this article, you will be able to check your overstay fine in UAE for cancelled visa and the amount you will pay for cancelled visa overstay fine, as well as the method to pay and check if you got any travel pan.

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