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Charities assist in a variety of ways, the most common of which include direct assistance, information, and raising awareness of an issue.

Today, you will learn more about two Sharjah-based charities; Sharjah Charity International and Sharjah Charity House.

Sharjah Charity International.

Sharjah Charity International offers considerable assistance to underprivileged families in the areas of education and healthcare. They also assist families affected by natural catastrophes such as earthquakes and floods.

A Request for Help from Sharjah Charity International

If you are trying to get help, this charity will be a great help. All you need to do is to visit their official website.

Terms and Conditions for Help Request:

  • Check that the contact information (phone number and email address) is correct.
  • The request for assistance will not be approved until a year for the same sort of aid or 6 months for another reason has elapsed.
  • Applications that are duplicated for the same family members or do not match the aforementioned application standards will be rejected.
  • It is necessary to prepare the required documents on the phone or computer and attach them to the system during the application registration process.
  • With the exception of major medical operations, cancer treatment, and dialysis, only requests for help from families residing in the Emirate of Sharjah are accepted.
  • The request for help is made in the name of the family’s head (father), and in the event of death, divorce, or widowhood, the request is made in the name of the mother, with confirmation of such attached.
  • Guarantee that all data recorded in the request for aid are correct, and the organization reserves the right to enquire from the relevant authorities about any data it deems suitable.

Address, E-mail, Contact information, and Website

  • Address:

Halwan Suburb, Samnan, Emirate of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

Saturday through Thursday, from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

On Fridays, they’re closed.

Sharjah Charity House.

Sharjah Charity House

Sharjah Charity House has taken on the duty of delivering humanitarian services both within and outside the country, with the goal of attaining a qualitative leap in the sectors of charitable activity.

Sharjah Charity House Objectives

The Foundation has established major objectives in numerous areas, including:

  1. Aspects of education and culture
  2. individual and societal aspects of health care.
  3. Providing humanitarian assistance and relief
  4. Reviving the social solidarity idea.

Address, E-mail, Contact information, and Website

  • Address :

Sharjah, Al Qasimia, next to Al Mahatta Park, St. Abdullah Bin Al-Numan, Al Qasimia Plaza Building, 11th Floor.

Saturday through Thursday, from 8  a.m. to 4 p.m.

On Fridays, they’re closed.

Ways to Donate to Sharjah Charity House:

Sharjah Charity House Foundation provides a variety of donation ways to make it easier for donors to convey the amount to us, as they perform their part in channeling this cash to its beneficiaries based on the donor’s preferences.

  • direct contribution

The donor visits the foundation’s offices and makes a direct donation.

  • deposit in a bank

It is one of the methods for facilitating the donation process for the donor, in which the donor deposits the amount he wishes to donate in one of their accounts, which are available in a variety of banks, and sends a copy of the deposit voucher to the Foundation by fax or email, explaining the details of the program or project to be donated to, as well as the name Mohsen and means of communication with him.

  • Transfer by bank

The donor transfers funds to any of their accounts online.

  • delegate

A representative meets the benefactor wherever he is and speaks with him immediately.

This is all you need to know about Sharjah Charity International and Sharjah Charity House. For more information, you can reach these charities through their websites or by visiting them at their offices.

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