Sharjah Traffic Fines Inquiry 2023

How can you make a Sharjah Traffic Fines Inquiry online? Here’s how to look up Sharjah traffic fines if you’ve got a traffic violation. Any of these methods will allow you to view your outstanding fines.

Sharjah Traffic Fines Inquiry Online

One of the following options is available for paying traffic fines:

  1. The Sharjah Police Department’s website

The Sharjah Police Department’s website and mobile app both accept online payment for traffic penalties.

One of the simplest ways to check Sharjah traffic fines online is by entering the Sharjah Police Headquarters website and selecting the traffic fines.

Follow the process below to check your traffic fines:

  • Visit Sharjah police official website and select the e-services link to view the city’s current list of traffic penalties.
  • You should select traffic fines from the list of traffic services.
  • You’ll be taken to the Abu Dhabi Police Portal after clicking this, which will open a new tab.

Then, you can choose from one of three possibilities:

  • inquiry by traffic symbol.
  • inquiry by plate data.
  • inquiry by license information.
  • The screen will display all outstanding traffic penalties.
  1. Sharjah Road and Transportation Authority SRTA

By logging into the Sharjah Road and Transportation Authority website, you can also view your Sharjah traffic fines.

  • Check out the RTA Sharjah website.
  • Enter the required information and documents.

You can make an inquiry by:

  • Traffic Code Number Inquiry
  • Information Requested By License
  • Plate Data Inquiry
  • By Fine Number Inquiry
  • Pay the fines.
  1. The Ministry of Interior’s website

The Ministry of Interior’s website and mobile apps, which are accessible on Apple and Android devices, let you pay fines.

The procedures are as follows:

  • Visit the Dubai government’s Ministry of Interior’s website.
  • Create an account or log in to your account.
  • Under “Traffic fines,” you can find the terms “License number,” “Traffic number,” and “Plate number.”
  • Select one, and the locations and fine amount will be made clear, along with the required fee.
  • Click “Pay Now” after selecting a location.
  • Select the method of payment for your Sharjah traffic fine.
  • Pay the fine.
  1. Emirates Vehicle Gate website.

By logging into the Emirates Vehicle Gate website, you can also view your Sharjah traffic fines.

  • On the Emirates Vehicle Gate website, register and set up an account.
  • The ticket code number, license number, or plate number can all be used to look up traffic fines in Sharjah.
  • Ensure that every item you choose from the drop-down list is accurate; otherwise, the server might display inaccurate information.

Sharjah Traffic Fines Inquiry in-person

  1. ‘Sahl’ payment kiosks can be found in public spaces and shopping malls, where you can use them to pay your traffic fines.
  2. You can personally pay your fines at the Sharjah police station.

To pay your fines, stop by one of these locations:

  • The Al Manakh area headquarters of the Sharjah Municipality
  • The structure housing the Public Parking Department in Industrial Area 5
  • The Al Khalidiya headquarters of the Sharjah City Municipality
  • The Tasjeel office is on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road in Sharjah Auto Village.

There are several ways and options to make a Sharjah Traffic Fines Inquiry if you’d prefer to learn more about your traffic infraction in person or online.

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