Waffer card program Sharjah 2023

Waffer card gives its holders a variety of benefits, incentives, and services at over (701) participating enterprises and organizations, divided into thirty different commercial classifications. Today we will talk about Waffer card program sharjah and where it can be used.

What is Waffer Program

The Waffer card program, introduced in 2013 by the Sharjah Human Resources Department, is a first-class social project that intends to deliver a number of features, facilities, and incentives in collaboration with private sector institutions.

Waffer Program Objectives

The Sharjah Government Waffer Program has a number of objectives, the most important of which are:

  1. Increasing the number of Sharjah government employees who are affiliated with all of the institutions and employers that are responsible for them.
  2. Continuous support and development of the local economy.
  3. Sharjah’s Government is Overjoyed Cardholders can save money by taking advantage of special offers.
  4. Increase all employees’ job happiness by a significant amount.
  5. Providing support for the foundations of public-private partnership and cooperation.
  6. Promoting a thrifty and saving culture.

Waffer Card Discounts Areas

In collaboration with a group of different parties, the Human Resources Program in Sharjah offers a wide range of discounts by offering a certain discount % for each of these offers for a specific length of time! The Sharjah Government Waffer Program covers the following areas and offers discounts:

  • Investing in real estate
  • Decoration and Furniture
  • Shopping on the internet
  • Services in Banking
  • veterinary assistance
  • Office equipment and supplies
  • electronics
  • Discounts on entertainment
  • education
  • Management of the Store
  • Travel agencies and airlines
  • Accounting and legal services
  • Cars, spare parts and bikes
  • pharmacies
  • Hotels
  • Events and Photography
  • Shops
  • health centers
  • jewelry and watches
  • Restaurants and desserts
  • Design, clothes and shoes
  • Food
  • Clubs and health food
  • beauty centers
  • Insurance companies
  • construction services
  • Communication Services
  • Maintenance and cleaning companies
  • pest control
  • smart apps
  • Oasis Mall discounts

Waffer Card Benefits and Cashbacks

Benefits of the Waffer card include:

  • All branches provide a 30% discount on medical services.
  • All branches offer a 30% discount on dental services.
  • 10% cashback on domestic and international purchases made online, using stored cards on websites and apps, Samsung Pay, and Apple Pay.
  • On international retail purchases, you can earn 2% cashback indefinitely.
  • On domestic retail purchases, you can earn 1% cashback indefinitely.

How to get a Sharjah Waffer Card for the emirate’s retirees

The Emirate of Sharjah can provide a Waffer card to retired employees by completing a few simple processes, which include:

  1. Visit the program’s official website to access the public information portal.
  2. Select the “Issue a Waffer Card for Emirate of Sharjah Retirees” option.
  3. Send a request after correctly entering the essential information in the corresponding places.

Waffer program Targeted group

  • There are around 25000 employees and their families.
  • Retired government personnel from Sharjah.
  • Employees of the University of Sharjah.

Waffer Application by the Sharjah Government

Waffer card program Sharjah
Waffer card program Sharjah

To make things easier and more convenient, you can now explore all Waffer offerings for Sharjah government employees and stay up to date on all changes via a smartphone application that can be downloaded quickly and easily on Android and iPhone devices! Everything available on the site’s pages can be found in the Waffer Program for Sharjah Government Employees application!

Waffer card program Sharjah could be the best opportunity. With a vast number of benefits, cashback and incentives, you can spend as much as you want, Waffer card will pay you back!.

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