How to check absconding status in UAE 2023

How to check absconding status in UAE? If you are a worker in UAE and failed to report to work for more than seven days without a justifiable reason, your status is referred to as absconding. Absconding is when a worker fails to report to work for more than seven days without justification. Today, we will learn everything about how to check absconding case in UAE and how to remove your name from absconding case.

How to Check Absconding status in UAE:

If you’re not sure if you have an absconding case, try the following:

Visit Police Station:

First of all, you should check your case number with the police station, and it is preferable to contact a lawyer.

If you have a case, you must file an appeal or an objection if you have received a judgment. Then you’ll have the option to modify your status and delete your absconding.

Check through Online Platform:

If you wish to check online:

  1. go to the official website of Emirates Smart Services.
  2. Click on Individual Services, then sign in
  3. Check the file validity by filling out some of your personal information like Emirates ID number.
  4. After that, you will be able to see the status of your file.

When Absconding Case is not Accepted?

Absconding complaints will not be accepted by the ministry of conditions.

  • The employee is taking a break or a vacation.
  • Force Majeure
  • The employee is unable to work due to valid reasons.
  • The employee has not gone missing, but the company has filed a complaint for other reasons.
  • If the employer tries to file an absconding complaint against the employee in order to avoid paying the end-of-service benefit and preventing the sponsorship from being transferred to another company.
  • The employee has a case pending against the employer, while the employer has filed an absconding complaint.

How to remove your name from absconding case?

how to check absconding case in uae
how to check absconding case in uae

You should fill out the application to “Withdraw an Absconding Report” and then print it and sign it.

Then, you should submit the application to the Labour Relations Section and schedule a meeting with the Legal Researcher to discuss it with both parties.

Individuals fleeing their employers or sponsors in the UAE can apply for the existing amnesty program. They should contact their respective embassy/consulate and then proceed to the UAE government’s amnesty center to complete the necessary processes to return to their home country.

What are the penalties for absconding cases?

Fake notice:

If an absconding notice is found to be a fake, the following sanctions will be imposed:

  • The worker will be barred from working in the UAE indefinitely.
  • The company will be required to pay a fee of 10,000 AED in addition to any existing fines.

Vexatious absconding notice:

If the employer is proven to have sent a vexatious or fake absconding notice, the employer will be fined AED 10,000.

What is the Duration for an Absconding Case?

An absconding ban normally lasts up to 12 months, during which time the person will be unable to enter the UAE or find work in the country. Absconding bans are not permanent, but if you received multiple ones, you may find yourself with a permanent ban.

To this end, you’ll know how to check absconding status in UAE, and the steps to withdraw your name from an absconding report. Remember to stay away from any situations that could lead to you being charged with absconding.

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