Russia visa for UAE residents 2023

If you live in the UAE and want to visit Russia, you must apply for a visa. Here’s all that you need to know about getting a Russia visa for UAE residents.

Let’s learn about the requirements, procedure, and the fees for a Russia visa for UAE residents.

Russia visa For UAE residents and citizens: Documents and Requirements.

When applying for a visa, you will need to present the following items:

  • Visa for residency in the United Arab Emirates (valid for 6 months upon travel)
  • Your passport-size photo
  • a copy of your Emirates ID
  • A passport must have at least two vacant visa pages and be valid for at least six months after the sought visa expires.
  • Fees for tourist visas include the cost of the invitation letter.
  • Russia visit visa is valid for 30 days or until the Embassy decides otherwise.
  • The applicant must travel to Russia on the same passport in which the visa was stamped, and the passport must be valid for at least six months.
  • Make sure you have blank Visa pages in your passport.
  • Check to see whether you’ll need a transit visa for any of your connections.

How can I receive assistance in obtaining a Russian visa in the United Arab Emirates?

  1. obtain an invitation letter from their friends or relatives or Russian residents.
  2. Purchase a tour to Russia, and your travel agency will handle the tourist visa application process.
  3. If you’re planning a trip to Russia to sign or extend a contract, find business partners, engage in negotiations, and so on, you’ll need to get a business visa from the host company.
  4. Another option is to engage the services of professional agents who specialize in Russian visa applications and can supply tourist visa support documents.

Fees for visas to Russia for UAE citizens and residents

For UAE residents and citizens, the cost of a Russia visit visa can range from AED 1300 to AED 1500.

The price for other nationalities may also differ.

The Procedure to Apply for a Visit Visa to Russia

All nationals and residents of the United Arab Emirates must get a visa to visit Russia. So, you need to submit your complete package of documents to the nearest Russian Consulate in the UAE.

The following is the locations of Russian consulates in the United Arab Emirates:

Embassy of the Russian Federation in Abu-Dhabi

Location: Abu-Dhabi, Shark-9, Khalifa str., № 65/67,

Contact Number: +971-2-672-17-97

E-mail: [email protected]


Embassy of the Russian Federation in Dubai

Location:  Dubai, Jumeirah, Str.6B, Villa No 21, Community No 367–432, Um Al Sheif

Contact Number:  +971-50-454-77-54

E-mail: [email protected]


Terms and Conditions of Russia visa for UAE residents:

russia visa requirements for uae residents
russia visa requirements for uae residents
  • Tourist and business visas are the two categories of visas available for Russia.
  • Check with your airline to see whether you have any international connections on your way to Russia. It’s possible that nations you’ll pass through on your way to your final destination will require a second transit visa.
  • You must fill out a migration card before entering the Russian Federation. Visitors will be required to indicate their visa details on the migration card, if appropriate. The migration card should be handed to the host party (hotel, private accommodation owner, etc.) who is responsible for recording the spectator in the migration record when you arrive in the Russian Federation.
  • Only book your tickets once you’ve received your visa.

Looking for Russia visa for UAE residents? If you’re considering a trip to Russia, this article will walk you through all of the requirements, costs, procedures, and terms and conditions for visiting Russia from the UAE.

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