UAE residence visa renewal fees 2023

Are you a resident in UAE? Is your residence visa about to expire? Do you wonder how much expenses you need to pay for your residence visa renewal this year? What if you overstay your visa? If you’re looking for a brief but satisfying answer, consider yourself at the right place.

If you’re a resident in UAE, you’ll certainly need to use the visa system. That is why I believe it’s important to understand the basic requirements and fees for residence visa renewal. Indeed, what really concerns most of us as foreigners are the fees, expenses, and fines. So, here, you will find a brief explanation of every detail I gathered regarding UAE residency visa renewal fees for 2022 and the expense of the basic requirements. In the following section, I’ll shed the light on:

  • UAE residence visa renewal fees 2022
  • Overstaying Visa Fine
  • Basic Requirements Expenses

UAE residence visa renewal fees 2023

As many of the residents, you stay in UAE either as a business owner or as government/private sector employee, and as anyone else, you might be a sponsor of your family. Also, you’d be wondering about the visa renewal fees for 2022. So, here’s what UAE residence renewal fees for 2022 according to\pricing-list:

  • Residency renewal fees for yourself in the UAE:

Employee working in government; the renewal fees is AED 655.65

Employee working in private sector; the renewal fee is AED 596,65

For investors or Partner; the renewal fee is AED 826,65

  • Residency renewal fees for wife and children in the UAE:

Resident sponsor working in government: (1 year) renewal fee is AED 559.90

Resident sponsor working in the private sector: (1 year) renewal fee is AED 359.90

Investor or Partner sponsor: (1 year) renewal fee is AED 409,90

  • Residency renewal fees for sons older than 21 years old:

Resident sponsor working in government: the renewal fee is AED 440.90

Resident sponsor working in private sector: the renewal fee is AED 359.90

Investor or Partner sponsor: the renewal fee is AED 409.90

Note; an additional fee of AED 100 applies if the visa service is requested on an urgent basis.

But what if I overstayed my visa, do I have to pay any fine? And how much would it cost? Are there any legal consequences? That is what I’m going to talk about next.

Overstaying Visa Fine

If your visa is about to expire, or if you are a sponsor and your sponsored’s residence visa is about to expire, then you should renew it as soon as possible, otherwise you may face a large fine and possibly other legal penalties.

According to the residency fines system in UAE for 2022; “residents of the United Arab Emirates have 30 days after their visa expires to either change their status and renew their residence visa or leave the country. During the grace period, there are no fines.” But, if you overstay beyond the grace period, you will be fined with

  • AED 125 for the first day
  • AED 25 for each subsequent day.
  • AED 50 per day after six months of overstaying
  • AED 100 per day after one year of overstaying

Now? What about the other requirements for visa renewal? Do they have any expenses? Let’s find out.

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Basic Requirements Expenses

There are a few other different areas which combine together to create the total cost of residence visa renewal for self, wife, or other family member.

If you’re going to renew your visa, you should know that there are some basic requirements and procedures needed to be provided in your renewal application. Here, I’ll go over some of these basics and their approximate costs briefly.

  1. Passing a medical fitness test for those above 18:

Fees for normal medical fitness test at amer247 is AED 322,50

But if you have an urgent, you can take the 4 hours VIP medical test at AED 752,50 expense.

  1. Insurance card (mandatory in Dubai & Abu Dhabi):

According to Health Insurance Plan, fees varies according to your salary if you are an employee.

  • If you’re an employee with [up or below 4000] salary, the fee is AED 755,00
  • If you’re an employee with [Above 4000] salary or an investor, the fees is AED 940,00
  1. A renewed ID issued from ICA, or an original receipt that you have registered with ICA to get a renewal.

The costs of renewing your Identity Card are also included in Amer247 pricing list. The fees may differ depending on the number of years.

  • Renew your Emirates ID for (1 year) with AED 250,00 expense
  • Renew your Emirates ID for (3 year) with AED 350,00 expense
  • Renew your Emirates ID for (3 year) with AED 450,00 expense

If your residence visa is expired, all you have to do now is preparing the needed documents and paying your requirements’ fees before the end of the grace period. In this article, I mentioned the essential fees that must be paid in order to renew your residency visa in UAE for the year 2022. As you can see, renewing your resident visa for 2022 will require extra time and effort on your part. So, if you’re thinking of renewing your residence vise this year, it’s important to take action now.

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