Al ain center for care and rehabilitation disabled – Services and Contact number

In line with UAE culture, the Al Ain Center for Care and Rehabilitation Disabled creates educational and behavioral programs. The center serves approximately 200 children and adults from the UAE and the Gulf Cooperation Council.

 Al Ain Center for Care and Rehabilitation Disabled Standard Services

1. Specialized Teaching

Based on the findings of diagnostic and evaluation procedures completed by a group of knowledgeable and skilled specialists, special education services are offered at the center to various disability categories.

Disability categories include:

  • Section of mental disabilities.
  • Section of Cerebral Palsy.
  • Autism Department.
  • Section of Counseling and Awareness.
  • Behavior Modification Section
  • Section of Studies and Development.

2. The medical rehabilitation

The service aims to address the linguistic, functional, and physical deficiencies associated with disabilities through interventions designed to lessen the deficiency of the impairments and invest in the remaining potentials and improve them in a way that supports the development of a life as independent as possible.

The health initiative consists of:

  • providing health care for those who regularly visit the clinic and students.
  • comprehensive medical exams for resident students on a regular basis.
  • vaccination of kids in accordance with the Abu Dhabi Health Authority’s approved age ranges and vaccination schedule.
  • offering specialist medical care.
  • collaborating with the various rehabilitation departments to give students living in the center an integrated service.
  • arranging regular health education sessions for the various center employees to serve the rehabilitation plan in a safe and healthy way.

3. Residential care services

It is a distinctive service that offers small families that are actually formed for residential services at a high level, with security being provided by trained supervisors and watched cameras.

Depending on their age, condition, and gender, students are spread out among various bedrooms.


  • Bedrooms (with modern accommodations)
  • Appropriate Meals
  • entertainment and joy
  • health section
  • Garden

Major Activities

Students, parents, and families can relax in a calm and welcoming environment thanks to lush green spaces. Additionally, the garden has the following outdoor menities:

  • Games
  • Movies and theater
  • Section for Entertainment
  • Students can cultivate plants and flowers in the school garden.
  • Zoo
  • Riding horses
  • Cycling

Rest assured as each of these sections provides for the needs of the students in accordance with its own policies and procedures.

Advantageous Groups of Al Ain Center for Care and Rehabilitation Disabled

rehabilitation center in al ain
rehabilitation center in al ain

For the following disabled students of both genders, ages 4 to 18, the center aims to provide special education, care, and rehabilitation services:

  • Autism spectrum condition
  • The Down Syndrome
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • mental disorder

Al Ain Center for Care and Rehabilitation Disabled Contacts

Please feel free to get in touch with Al Ain Center for Care and Rehabilitation Disabled through:

  • Visiting the company’s main website:

  • Visiting the office: in Al-Ain Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, at Al Ain Center, Al Foah, close to Al Foah Garden.
  • Calling the Center at:

+971 3 78 322 22

+971 55 248 8195

Al Ain Center for Care and Rehabilitation Disabilities: A Quick Overview

  • was founded in 1999 in AL Ain City/UAE as a non-profit organization on a personal initiative. Children from the UAE and other GCC nations who have special needs can attend day schools and receive full board at ACCR facilities.
  • Children with intellectual, hearing, cerebral palsy, and autism impairments are the center’s target demographics.
  • Children attending day school are provided with transportation. For kids with disabilities, ACCR offers complete housing and care facilities.
  • With the technical support of qualified consultants and advisors, a highly qualified staff offers services.
  • With the belief that everyone has a right to adequate rehabilitation, the center provides free admissions or reduced fees for the underprivileged.

Finally, Al Ain Center for Care and Rehabilitation Disabilities has connections with numerous international academic institutions in the training and rehabilitation sector.

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