Nursing recruitment agencies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

One of the United Arab Emirates’ highest paying industries is healthcare, and nursing staff is always in demand. Applying to Nurse-specialist Recruiters is a must if you’re looking for nurse jobs in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Below is a list of recruiting firms that focus on nursing recruitment agencies in Dubai and nursing recruitment agencies in Abu Dhabi.

Nursing recruitment agencies in Dubai

Due to Dubai’s ambition to lead the world in healthcare, numerous new, large healthcare facilities are opening, providing employment opportunities for nurses and other healthcare professionals.

  1. Alliance Recruitment Agency

is one of Dubai’s top nursing staffing firms. They have decades of experience providing staffing and services for the global healthcare industry. They have executives working in Dubai and other Middle Eastern locations to find physicians, nurses, and other healthcare workers everywhere.

Contact numbers for Employers

  • US: +1 (917) 900 9072
  • Canada: +1 (780) 900 4752
  • India: +91 8980 0187 41

For job seekers:

E-mail: [email protected]


Dubai Office:

PO Box No : 336899

Dubai, UAE

  1. Dynamic Health Staff Agency

helps you land one of the best nursing positions in Dubai. They assist you in getting a job as a nurse in Dubai’s top hospitals and clinics.

In recent years, Dynamic Health Staff has hired over 20,000 medical specialists for Dubai’s top hospitals and clinics. Therefore, get in with our team of professionals right away if you want to improve your future and expand your nursing career opportunities in Dubai.

Register to the agency:

Reach at:

Phone: +919810017608

E-mail: [email protected]

  1. CIMS Medical Recruitment

In order to extend its recruitment services to the UAE and other middle eastern nations, MIMS Group established (CIMS), a licensed recruitment firm in the United Arab Emirates, in 2019.

CIMS focuses on hiring nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals for positions in the UAE and other middle eastern nations.

Contact Information

Nursing recruitment agencies in Abu Dhabi

nursing recruitment agencies in abu dhabi

  1. Robert Half Agency:

In order to meet your hiring needs in Abu Dhabi, Robert Half will streamline the process and connect your business with qualified professionals looking for fulfilling opportunities.

Contact Information

Sky Tower (floor 23), Al Reem Island

PO Box 5101036

Abu Dhabi

  1. Health Staff Organization

It is one of the best healthcare-employing agencies in the Gulf. You can access top-notch compensation and benefits packages from companies that are eager to have you join their team through this agency. to work as a nurse in the Gulf region, and to receive assistance with the licensing and credentialing requirements.

Contact Information:


  1. Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi

In the center of the UAE’s capital, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi is a premier multidisciplinary medical facility. The JCI-accredited hospital was especially created to address a variety of complex and critical care requirements for patients in the Emirates. It is a singular and unmatched extension of the US-based Cleveland Clinic’s model of care.

Cleveland Nursing Recruitment:

Across a range of specialties, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi is hiring nurses. All nursing jobs come with a tax-free salary and great perks, like: Relocation costs (flight, nursing license, visa, etc.). Fully equipped Transportation and lodging are included and insurance for a private hospital as well.

Contact Information:

For here, you have had a look at the best recruiting firms that focus on nursing recruitment agencies in Dubai and nursing recruitment agencies in Abu Dhabi.

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