List Of Special Needs Schools In Sharjah 2023

A special need is a challenge that interferes with one’s learning. There are various special needs and difficulties. For instance, there are difficulties with learning, development, behavior, and physicality.

Today, we will mention a list of special needs schools in Sharjah Emirates.

list of special needs schools in Sharjah

List Of Special Needs Schools In Sharjah
List Of Special Needs Schools In Sharjah
  1. GEMS Westminster School Sharjah.

GEMS Westminster College An inclusive school that values diversity is Sharjah.

Children have a variety of learning preferences, including students who are English language learners, students with special education needs, and students who are gifted and talented. GEMS staff is dedicated to providing all students with an equal opportunity to learn in a setting with peers who are their own age.

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  1. Sharjah Autism Center.

The Sharjah Autism Center, the first specialized Emirati facility offering specialized educational and therapeutic services suitable for students with autism spectrum disorder and their families, was established and opened in February of the year 2002.

Registration procedures at the school

An organized process is used in the center to carry out the application form.

  • Initial registration is carried out over the phone or in person in consultation with the receptionist or a social service representative.
  • The center then makes contact with the family, arranges a time for the initial interview, and delivers the medical report and identification documents.
  • The family is then contacted a second time for official registration and expert evaluation interviews tailored to the needs of the child.
  • After completing the thorough assessment process, the center contacts the family to give them the child’s report. They are also informed of the services the child will receive (family counseling, classes, communication, physical therapy), taking into account the date of the child’s registration and waiting lists.

Contact Details:

  • address: Sharjah City For Humanitarian Services, 5796 Al yarmuk, Sharjah P.O.BOX :5796
  • Phone Number: +971 6 5671117 / +971 6 5660667
  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • Website:
  1. Sharjah Center for Learning Difficulties.

Sharjah Center for Learning Difficulties is a premier institution in the Arab world and the United Arab Emirates for the advocacy, inclusion, and empowerment of people with learning disabilities.

The center ensures a respectable life for those with learning challenges by:

  • early detection and action.
  • programs for family and career counseling.
  • proposing programs for specialized education
  • individual interventions that are appropriate.
  • providing learning disabled individuals with counseling and training in the areas of education, socialization, and psychology.
  • aiding educational institutions, educating professionals in the field, and increasing awareness of learning challenges.
  • promoting acceptance of diversity and assisting successful people with learning disabilities in achieving their highest levels of success.

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  1. Awladouna Center in Sharjah.

In Sharjah, Awladouna Center was established in July 2002. Its primary goal is to enhance the wellbeing of kids who require special care.

They offer specialized diagnostic and remedial services, assisting people with disabilities in reaching their full potential.

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  1. Al-ibtisama Center

Al Ibtisama encourages self-reliance and confidence among people with a strong desire to help them become independent both personally and professionally.

The center accepts students from a variety of international backgrounds ranging in age from 3 to 18 years.

Contact Details:

  • Address: Halwan Suburb – Samnan – Emirate of Sharjah – United Arab Emirates.
  • Phone Number: +971 6 527 7007

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