How to cancel all subscriptions on du prepaid 2023

Hundreds of internet plans, phone packages, and text messages are available with Du. You can subscribe to as many services as you choose. However, even if you no longer require it, once you subscribe, it will be automatically renewed. So, the question is how to cancel all subscriptions on Du prepaid?

Today, we will talk in detail about how to cancel your Du subscriptions and make them stop deducting your money.

how to cancel all subscriptions on du prepaid

Through Messaging

With a single message, you can deactivate all of your Du subscriptions.

What you need to do is simply write “STOPALL” on your message app and send it to 9000. Then, you will receive an email including a list of all your active services. Now, to deactivate a service, simply respond with a service number, such as 1, 2, or 3.

What if the messaging didn’t work? There is no need to be concerned. Another option is available for most services provided by Du.

Official Du App

Do you have the official Du app on your phone? If you answered yes, then log in; if you answered no, then install it.

Du’s official app is available for Android, iOS, and iPhone. After you download it, take the following steps: First, register or log in to your account. Then look over your billing and usage history to see if services are still active. Finally, press on service and follow the on-screen directions to disable it.

3rd Party Deactivation Codes

Unfortunately, the Official Du App does not assist you to unsubscribe from all services. Some value-added service deactivation can be done through sending SMS.

From the list shown by Du, locate the service you want to deactivate. Then, send the deactivation keyword to 4035 in an SMS. For example, send “UNSUB DA” to “4035” to deactivate the “Daily Astrology” service.

If none of these approaches worked for you, then, you would prefer to contact customer service and explain your concern to them and they will take care. They provide several options for contact. You can use this link du-contactus to select your preferred method of contact whether chat or mailing. Otherwise, dial the number “00 971 4 390 5555”.

Cancel Du Safe Internet Daily Subscriptions.

You can deactivate specific packages if you don’t want to unsubscribe from all of services.

For example, you can quickly cancel the secure internet regular limit service by dialing the code *134*11# and pressing the call button. Then type 0 and press the Send button to confirm the procedure. Once the service has been officially stopped, you will receive a confirmation SMS.

Cancel Social Packages Subscriptions.

You can cancel your daily or unlimited subscription by texting the word “stop” to the number 1335 to terminate social package services. After it’s finished, Du will send you a confirmation code for deactivation. There are no charges for turning off your social package.

How can I tell if a subscription has been canceled or not? If you don’t receive an SMS after it’s been processed, try the steps below. You will receive an SMS with the subscription information if you dial *135*120# and then press 1.

In this article, you will find the answer to how to cancel all subscriptions on Du prepaid? I attempted to present a variety of options for you to choose from. Everything is included, whether you like calling, chatting, messaging, or utilizing the official website and applications. These methods are free.

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