How to renew driving license in Abu Dhabi 2023

If you live in Abu Dhabi and your driver’s license is about to expire, the first thing that comes to mind is how to renew your driver’s license in Abu Dhabi. The Abu Dhabi driver’s license renewal takes about 10 minutes and maybe done almost entirely online.

In this article, you will find step-by-step instructions for renewing your Abu Dhabi driver’s license online.

Methods available to renew your Abu Dhabi driver’s license:

Renew through Abu Dhabi Police’s official website.

First thing, download the app.

You can renew your driving license using the smart application of the Abu Dhabi Police General Command, and you can download the Abu Dhabi Police smart services application from the Apple Store or Google Play, or visit the website.

Secondly, prepare your requirements:

You will be asked to submit your original Emirates ID and the eye test report from an authorized agency.

3rd, register on the site with your Emirates ID.

4th, fill out the application.

Finally, pay the fee.

Renewal of your driving license through Tamm:

Tamm is the official website of Abu Dhabi government services, where you may learn about all of the processes and systems that pertain to Abu Dhabi residency.

First, register for your UAE Pass or Smart Pass account.

2nd, connect to the Tamm website and choose the renewal of your driver’s license.

3rd, enter your Emirates ID and complete the essential details.

4th, pay the fee.

Finally, once you’ve completed these steps, your driver’s license will be renewed constantly.

Renew your driving license in-person at one of Tamm’s Customer Happiness Centres or Driving License Renewal Service Centres.

You can go to the nearest Tamm Customer Happiness center and submit your papers and complete the entire process. You will need your original Emirates ID and the eye test report from authorized agencies, and if you are a resident, they may ask for your visa or passport, so one passport-sized personal photo print would also be better.

Abu Dhabi driving license renewal fees in 2023

The fee for renewing a driver’s license for a year is AED 100.

The fee for renewing a driver’s license for more than 1 year is AED 300.

The fine for late renewal (if any) for each month is AED 10.

Fees can be paid in cash, by card, or electronically through a smart app. Note that fees are charged by shipping companies if processed through a smart application.

Please keep in mind that the renewal of your Abu Dhabi driver’s license requires you to clear all existing penalties and fines. And you will have a one-month grace period to renew your license.

For an extra courier cost, you can have your driver’s license mailed to you.

How to renew my Abu Dhabi driving license in Dubai?

If you got your driving license in Abu Dhabi, but now you are a resident in Dubai. Don’t worry! You are still able to renew your Abu Dhabi driving license in Dubai.

1st, call the Roads and Transport Authority to ask for the steps required.

2nd, you will be directed to go to Yateem Optician in Al Rigga Road for the eye test.

3rd, enter Abu Dhabi Police or the website or Tamm and complete the procedures.

Finally, add your new address in Dubai and choose the courier you want to deliver your license card and pay the fees.

Eventually, you should know that there are different terms for renewing your UAE license. For UAE and GCC citizens, they can renew their license every 10 years, whereas, for foreign expats, the license renewal term is five years.

I’ve included all of the information you’ll need to know about renewing your Abu Dhabi driver’s license, whether you live in Abu Dhabi or Dubai.

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