Dubai Police Fine Check Emirates ID 2023

Today’s topic is Dubai police fine check Emirates ID. The Dubai Police application offers fine verification using the Emirates ID and Dubai Now applications.

If you have any fines for poor driving, this article will show you how to check Emirates ID fines and how to pay it.

Dubai police fine check Emirates ID

The following are the ways to verify traffic fines using the Emirate ID:

Dubai Police Portal

  • Enter the website Dubai Police Portal”.
  • Select Service > Traffic Services.
  • You must select Fines Inquiry and Payment.

how to check any fine in emirates id

  • On the page, the required information is.
  1. Driver’s License number
  2. Vehicle Plate number
  3. Traffic File number
  4. Traffic Fine number
  • go to follow up and enter your Emirate ID in the blank area, or any other number from the requirements above.
  • In the box above, enter the captcha image.
  • Click the ‘Submit’ button.

Dubai Police App:

You can check your fine with Dubai Police using your Emirates ID and the Dubai Police app by following these steps:

  • Download the Dubai Police app from the Google Play/App Store.
  • Launch the Dubai Police app.
  • Select Services at the bottom of the application.
  • Select Research Financial Issues from the list of reporting services.
  • Select “Request Personal Verification.”
  • Enter your ID number below.
  • Select the “Search” icon.
  • Financial difficulties will be displayed.

Dubai Now App:

Through Emirates ID, the Dubai Now application verifies traffic offenses in Dubai Police. The following stages constitute this service:

  • Download the Dubai Now app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.
  • To access the application services, click the guest symbol.
  • Choose Vehicle Services.
  • Choose the icon for traffic offenses.
  • You will be prompted to sign in.
  • Select the login button, then select the method of signing in using a digital ID.
  • Fill up your Emirates ID.
  • You will be shown violations and fines.

Conditions of Dubai Police Fine Inquiry:

  • Only fines registered on the license number will be displayed when enquiring with the Driving License number (card registered in Dubai).
  • Only fines registered on the plate number will be displayed when asking about it.
  • Only fines registered on the traffic file number / or license number (if available) will be displayed when asking with the traffic file number (vehicles registered in Dubai).
  • Black points registered on the traffic file, vehicles desired for impoundment, and impoundment details are displayed.
  • Only local proxies are used to receive online payments from the UAE and GCC nations.
  • Credit and debit cards issued outside of the UAE and the GCC are not accepted for online payments.

Methods of payment and Service Fee

  • Cash (in service centers and SPS centers) (in service centers and SPS centers)
  • Dirham E
  • Card Debit (Visa – MasterCard)

Service Charges

  • The amount is determined by the fines levied.
  • AED 20 in fees for knowledge and innovation

Additional Service Channels

  • Police Stations in Dubai (Al Qusais Police Station, Ports Police Station, Barsha Police Station)
  • Touch-screen displays
  • Voice recognition software
  • MBME gadget
  • Stores of exchange (Wall Street)
  • mPay
  • NBD Emirates
  • Phone number 901
  • Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai

Dubai Police Stations Address and Contact Information

  • Call center 901
  • Email [email protected]
  • Live chat in the application and website
  • O. Box 1493 Dubai- United Arab Emirates

As you can see, there are several options to pay your fine. In this article “Dubai police fine check Emirates ID” you have been introduced for all the options to check your police fine using your Emirates ID.

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