Sharjah Airport Parking Fees 2023

Car parking at the airport is accessible on an hourly basis in the UAE. You can also keep your vehicle in the 24-hour parking lot for short or lengthy periods of time. Here is a rough breakdown of the Sharjah airport parking fees for short and long-term parking at Sharjah International Airport.

Sharjah airport parking fees 2023

Parking fees are assessed on a per-hour or per-day basis.

Parking fees on a per-hour basis:

  • You must pay AED 16 for the first hour.
  • You will be charged AED 27 for two hours.
  • AED 37 is required for 3 hours.
  • The charge for 4 hours will be AED 48.
  • You will be charged AED 11 for each additional hour.

Parking fees on a per-day basis:

MTOW-capable aircraft After the first 6 hours, less than 50 tons (flat price) will be charged AED 100/- each day.

  • AED 95 after 4 hours to 24:00 hours, or a portion altogether
  • The parking price for Day 2 will be 35% more than the fee for Day 1 and will increase by 25% every day after that until Day 5.
  • Day 5 costs will be carried over to the following days.
  • The total parking fee is based on the number of days parked.

Terms and Conditions to be considered:

  • If the flight departs within 6 hours of arrival, there will be no parking fee.
  • The aircraft parking fees listed above are the published taxes and rates.
  • The Long-Term Parking Charge Policy will apply as per the approved schedule of operation for particular requests of aircraft remaining for longer periods.
  • The Long Term Parking Policy Charge is 5 times the published rate of the above-mentioned aircraft parking charges on Day One.
  • Met Folder charges AED 150 for each flight.
  • Charges for X-Rays AED 250/- for each flight

Fines and Tariffs for Sharjah Airport Parking

Everyone at the airport is expected to maintain discipline and follow the airport’s management’s rules and regulations.

  • If you misplace the parking ticket, you will be fined AED 200 in addition to the parking fee.
  • In addition to the parking cost, parking for longer than 30 days results in a fine of AED 2000.

Fees for Passenger Departure and Arrival

  • AED 60/- as Passenger Service Charge for each passenger departing from SHJ. (The Shariah Airport Authority will collect it.)
  • SHJ passenger facility charge of AED 35/- each passenger departing from SHJ, including transfer passengers (Shariah Airport Authority will collect it.)
  • A Passenger Safety and Security Charge of AED 15/- every passenger departing from SHJ. (This data will be gathered by IATA.)
  • A passenger service charge fee of AED 5/- every passenger departing from SHJ. (This information will be gathered by IATA.)
  • AED 5/- each incoming passenger at SHJ as Advance Passenger Information (to be collected by IATA)

Sharjah Airport Contact Information.

  • Phone Number:

The number for our 24-hour call center is 00971 6 558 1111.

  • Fax:

00971 6 558 1131 | 00971 6 558 0449

  • Email:

[email protected]

  • Sharjah Taxi contact:


Facilities at Sharjah Airport

There are several facilities at Sharjah Airport for individuals who arrive and are staying overnight.

The Sharjah airport provides the following services:

  • Food and beverage restaurants
  • Special help is available for people who are determined, including free parking in all car parks for two hours.
  • Wi-Fi is available for free.
  • Advanced security systems safeguard the safety of everyone at the airport.
  • Thousands of books for travelers are available through an e-book network.
  • There are several payment methods accessible, including credit card, cash, and mobile applications.

To conclude this article, you can find Sharjah airport parking fees and the fines and tariffs there. If you have any trouble, you can contact Sharjah airport customer care at any time through any option.

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