UAE Visit Visa Extension Fees For 3 Months

Are you in the UAE with a visit visa? Do you wish to extend your visa, and you’re inquiring about the price? If your answer is yes, then this article is for you. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about UAE Visit Visa Extension Fees For 3 Months to help you know more about the cost of the process according to the type of your visa.

90 Days Visit Visa Extension For UAE Price

UAE allows the extension of all types of visit visas for visitors who wish to extend their visit for 30 to 90 days. However, if you wish to request an extension for your UAE visit visa, it is important for you to know that the cost actually varies according to the type of the visa you hold, whether it is an on-arrival visit visa or a pre-arranged visit visa, and whether you want an inside country visa change or an airport to airport visa change. Here is a detailed explanation of extension cost and how these factors can affect it.

Inside-country Visit Visa Change Fees – 90 Days Extension

90 days visit visa extension for uae price
90 days visit visa extension for uae price

If you don’t wish to exit the country in order to get a visa extension, you can request an inside-country visa extension. This option allows you to renew your visa without the need to leave the country. However, the cost of this service is a bit higher than that, of an airport to airport visa change service and its cost varies according to whether you’re an on-arrival or a pre-arranged visa holder.

1. Fees For On-arrival Visit Visa Holders

Many visitors from multiple countries, as announced by the UAE government, are eligible for an on-arrival visit visa. For visitors of such countries, the cost of the visa extension is different from that of the pre-arranged visit visa extension. The cost of an on-arrival visit visa extension for 90 days is approximately from 1550 – 1650 AED. With this 90-day extension, the visitor is offered a 10 days grace period, calculated from the date of visa expiry. For visitors who exceed their grace period, a fine of 100 AED for each overstayed day will be charged to them.

2. Fees For  Pre-arranged Visit Visa Holders

For visitors from countries that are not eligible for an on-arrival visit visa,  a pre-arranged visa is required. For a pre-arranged or a prepaid visit visa holder, the cost of a 90-day visa extension is from 1450 – 1550 AED. Similar to the grace period given to on-arrival visit visa holders, prearranged visit visa holders are offered a 10 days grace period during which they are required to leave the country. Overstaying will cause the visitor to be charged a 100 AED per day.

Type of Visa Cost
On-arrival Visit Visa From 1550 – 1650 AED
Pre-arranged Visit Visa From 1450 – 1550 AED

Airport To Airport Visit Visa Change fees – 3 Months Extension

An airport to airport visit visa change is an economic option for extending your UAE visit visa. For this option, you’ll have to travel to a nearby Middle-eastern country airport and fly back to the UAE on the same day while getting new visa approval. This option offers you a 90-day visa extension for 1400 AED only which is a bit cheaper than an inside country visa change.


We have explained in detail everything you might need to know about UAE visit visa extension Fees for 3 months as well as the factors that affect the cost. If you wish to know more information about UAE visa extension, you can check The Official Portal of the UAE Government.

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